Getting Started

The easiest way to play with radicle is to use the online REPL, available at the radicle website.

The online REPL is quite limited, however (and slow). So you will probably also want the radicle executable.

Building from source

In order to build from source, you’ll need stack:

curl -sSL | sh

The centralized server also requires PostgreSQL libs. On Ubuntu, you can apt-get install libpq-dev libtinfo-dev. On MacOS, you can brew install postgresql.

You can then download and build the latest source code for radicle from

git clone
cd radicle
stack build
stack install

You can test that radicle was properly installed by running:

radicle --help

Note that the radicle executable always takes a file as an argument. If you want to run it interactively (i.e., as a REPL), you’ll need to pass it the REPL file (included in the repository):

radicle rad/repl.rad