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Join the Community

To get involved with the Radicle project, start by joining our community channels:


Most conversations in the community are happening here. The core team is very active and typically responds to questions in real time.


The hub for all longer-form discussions about the project. The team uses it regularly to share project-wide announcements, releases, feature updates, and more.


We use Twitter to share announcements & project-wide updates, as well as amplify Radicle-aligned messaging from partnerships and the greater ecosystem. We don't offer support here.




All Radicle development is open-source and public by default. The radicle-dev GitHub account is consistently active and is the best place to see what the team is working on.


Some of the core team uses Matrix, and the Discord channels are mirrored here. Information on Matrix is almost the same as Discord.


Larger announcements are posted in our official Telegram channel. There are also other channels sprouting up which are quite active.


If you'd like to stay updated about product releases, project updates, and other announcements, hand us your e-mail and we'll keep you in the loop.

Stay up to date

Most disucssions related to development of the Radicle Link protocol happen on their mailing list.