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As the team behind the various protocols and projects that utilize the Radicle network, we want you, the user, to have the best experience possible. Also, as the developers, we know that there will be bugs and errors. To help consolidate these diametrically opposed pieces of knowledge, we will try and document any of the errors that we are aware of and provide some troubleshooting advice.

I ran into a issue — where can I report it?

We suggest you send your report through the #support channel on our Discord server or in the Support category of our forum. A member of the Radicle team will try resolve your issue right away, and if they can't, work with you on creating a formal issue/request.

If you know which Radicle project is most relevant to your issue, you can also create an issue in the appropriate repository on GitHub.

I need some help — where do I reach out?

You will get the fastest response in the #support channel on our Discord server.

How do I join your Matrix channel?

Head over to and create an account. Our Matrix rooms are synced with our #general and #support channels on Discord, so you'll always see the same information.

Install Radicle CLI on Apple Silicon

To build the Radicle CLI on Apple Silicon, you need to be able to install x86_64 Homebrew packages, which means installing Homebrew to the /usr/local location previously used by Intel systems instead of the default /opt/homebrew for Apple Silicon systems.

The Radicle team is still working on simplifying this installation process — we'd love to hear feedback on your experiences!

See this GitHub Gist for more instructions, or this post on installing multiple versions of Homebrew and setting up aliases for a more advanced configuration.

First, install Rosetta 2.

$ /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Next, install an Intel-friendly version of Homebrew:

$ arch -x86_64 zsh
$ /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Finally, install the Radicle CLI to the Intel-based Homebrew.

$ brew tap radicle/cli
$ brew install radicle/cli/core