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Radicle's collaboration workflow


This is a practical overview of the current collaboration workflow using Radicle-built projects. This will change as both the protocols and projects change and add new functionality in the future.

Maintainers (known in Radicle as delegates) use create a project and associate it with one or more seed nodes on the Radicle network. As they make changes, they synchronize project data between their local state and a remote associated with the project on the Radicle network. This makes the project viewable on the Radicle web app.

Contributors clone the maintainer's remote and development branch (typically main or master) from the Radicle network, initializing a new remote in the process.

With the project data stored on their local system, they can make changes, commit them with Git, and push them to their remote. Remotes are Radicle's version of forks, with the contributor's now diverged from the latest commit on the delegate's branch.

Maintainers can use the CLI to find, track, and review/merge collaborations to their project. Once the changes have been merged, the maintainer pushes them to their remote, thus re-establishing the most up to date state of the project.

Contributors can now synchronize the state of their remote with the maintainer's and begin to the code collaboration cycle once more.