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Create, view, and comment on issues

rad supports creating, reading, reacting to, and commenting on issues.

We'll eventually bring these features to the Radicle web app, but for now, they work only on the CLI.


This document details an experimental feature that's still undergoing active development. There will likely be bugs and breaking changes.

Create an issue

Run rad issue new to open a temporary text file in your terminal for editing its title, labels, and description. Then run rad push to synchronize any issues you've stored locally with the Radicle network, which lets your collaborators view them.

Labels and descriptions aren't yet displayed in the CLI, but you can still add them now for later use.


Run rad issue new --title <title> --description <text> to create an issue non-interactively.

View issues

rad issue list displays a list of existing issues, along with their unique ID and title.

If you're a collaborator on project with multiple people contributing issues, you'll need to run rad pull to receive the latest state of the project to view issues.

$rad issue list
hnrkbz8ta5uqzpjguhfoykdxo7s656k8w7z9o An example issue
hnrknjfmh9xi8z1b6jj66zqf5qi8txbc64z3y A second example

Comment on existing issues

Run rad comment <id>, replacing <id> with the ID of an issue in your Radicle project, to


As with new issues, rad comment <id> --description <text> creates a comment non-interactively after replacing <text> with your comment.

Delete issues

Run rad issue delete <id> to remove an issue from your Radicle project.