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Push your changes

How you make changes to your local working copy of a Radicle project is entirely up to you. Once you're finished, add and commit your changes with git add and git commit just as you would when collaborating on any other Git-based forge like GitHub or GitLab.

Use rad push to synchronize your changes with a secondary source tree within the project.

$ rad push
Pushing 🌱 to remote `rad`
$ git push rad
To rad://hnrkmkfqk1yadewcgasm1s6mp5pn1hc5ch6wy.git
e2cc2f9..5198e4c main -> main

Git version 2.35.1
Radicle signing key ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAILnTPdmcmdNPtJtBT/1S9G+4jOL0V0GD9pPYWgvXmxxQ

Syncing 🌱 project rad:git:hnrkmkfqk1yadewcgasm1s6mp5pn1hc5ch6wy to

ok Project synced.

🍃 Your project is available at:


Click on the (web) link to visit your source tree within the project using the web interface, which you can also navigate to using the tree selector.

Selecting a tree to view

Now that you've pushed changes to your version of the project, you can create a patch in Upstream to start the process of collaborating on and merging your contribution.