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Track, review, and merge patches

As a project's delegate, you can review and merge patches from any collaborator back into the canonical branch (typically main or master) of the project.

We recommend you track patches in Upstream, although it's also possible using the CLI.


Track a remote user

To view patches from a collaborator in Upstream, you need to add their Peer ID to your project. Navigate to your project and click on the pencil icon, which opens the Edit remotes modal.

Opening the remotes modal in Upstream

In the text field, enter the Peer ID of the collaborator you'd like to follow, then click Add. After a few seconds, you should see their Radicle ID and Peer ID show up in the list of remotes.

List of tracked remotes


If the system is having trouble following the Peer ID you supplied, make sure that the collaborator has run rad push in their project's main branch.

Review the patch

Click on the Patches button to view all open patches from collaborators you're tracking via the previous step, and then on the patch you'd like to review, which shows the patch's title, description, and a list of commits. Click on a commit to view a diff of files added, deleted, and changed.

Reviewing a patch in Upstream

Click the Checkout patch button to get a pair of commands that will help you checkout the entire patch to your local system, which allows you to review all the changes and run tests locally.

$ upstream patch fetch hydqsnkr181w1zfidtocgosxghdu8n8d1wsemzgtszhzjru55ggazk/deploy-design-system
$ git checkout radicle-patch/hydqsnkr181w1zfidtocgosxghdu8n8d1wsemzgtszhzjru55ggazk/deploy-design-system

At this point, you can collaborate on changes or merge directly.


Track a remote user

To review and merge any code, you first need to find any patches to your project that have been published to a Radicle seed node. rad track --remote queries the project's default seed node and returns a list of collaborators' Peer IDs and their branches.

You can also use rad track --seed <seed-url> to query other seed nodes for possible patches from other Radicle users.

$ rad track --remote
radicle-example rad:git:hnrkmkfqk1yadewcgasm1s6mp5pn1hc5ch6wy (
├── hynh7gxq3u1c7gu7wupyw99k16tz5td8n6tmwdy9s1xcfwn6zucqfy docs-tester
│ └── main 5198e4c43412ecf34ecef812dcffec4efb6eb62c Change to gitignore

├── hynz3cahu1pnmah6a1m59en8c6bujbc5go5inst8chmcr8ahn6byw4 joelhans
│ └── main 9733b3735dd4424666a384e6a397a11c69bac818 Add context to README

└── hyyc74e14b4pddma6jko8385cnjdj154aorp71456gqb4o5uqwkwpk joelhans delegate you
└── main e2cc2f98df61de3503edfcf6904993add918cda6 Add example folder and files

In the example above, you can see the canonical main branch, managed by the project's single delegate, in addition to two additional source trees from collaborators.

Let's say you want to track the patch from the docs-tester user. Use rad track <peer-id> to track the remote peer from your working copy.

$ rad track hynh7gxq3u1c7gu7wupyw99k16tz5td8n6tmwdy9s1xcfwn6zucqfy
🌱 Establishing tracking relationship for rad:git:hnrkmkfqk1yadewcgasm1s6mp5pn1hc5ch6wy...
ok Tracking relationship hynh7gxq3u1c7gu7wupyw99k16tz5td8n6tmwdy9s1xcfwn6zucqfy established
ok Syncing peer refs from
ok Remote-tracking branch peer/docs-tester/main created for hynh7gx…6zucqfy

This sets up a remote in your working copy and a tracking branch named after the peer and project's default branch — for example, peer/docs-tester/main, which you can see in the last line of the above output.

Review on your local system with git

Compare the tracking branch against the local state of your canonical branch with git diff.

$ git diff main..peer/docs-tester/main

Collaborate on changes

There currently is no code review or commenting features built into Radicle. All this communication happens outside of Radicle tooling, and the processes are entirely up to your discretion. As you work through the review process with your collaborator, they will need to run upstream patch update to ensure you're seeing the most up-to-date changes.

Merge the patch

Once you're happy with the changes, merge them into your local copy and push everything to your project, updating the primary branch.

$ git merge peer/docs-tester/main
$ rad push